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erintax83 - Altoona - PA - Hellohotties


Altoona, PA

Easy going, honest, and loyal person wanting to find my other half

gameover209 - Altoona - PA - Hellohotties


Altoona, PA

Single funny out going what’s to have fun but is also looking for a relationship.

jacksonregq35 - Altoona - PA - Hellohotties


Altoona, PA

I'm a simple person who is looking for simple man.

AntonL - Altoona - PA - Hellohotties


Altoona, PA

Single. I’m interested in what’s inside the container not the outside.So I want the Real you and I mean U.

Yasmeena - Altoona - PA - Hellohotties


Altoona, PA

A sarcastic, witty, small bookworm who enjoys adrenaline rushes, adventures, writing and mystery. ;)

janetbuckz8 - Altoona - PA - Hellohotties


Altoona, PA

I hope to meet an understanding, home-loving, well-educated and persistent man..