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porterchristz72 - Fresno - CA - Hellohotties


Fresno, CA

I am looking for a man to take good care of me and be there for me till eternity.

mackev09 - Fresno - CA - Hellohotties


Fresno, CA

hey am a man of honor, i treat women the way the supposed to be treated, i love traveling too and my job too

juliewe79 - Fresno - CA - Hellohotties


Fresno, CA

I am an honest, decent, friendly girl with a positive attitude and conflict-free.I will ba a faithful and loving woman for my man.

MelonyRodrig75 - Fresno - CA - Hellohotties


Fresno, CA

Very sweet and caring just don’t get on my bad side and we will be great ☺️

gracekl9 - Fresno - CA - Hellohotties


Fresno, CA

Am here looking for long term relationship with no games and jokes.

Mark123 - Fresno - CA - Hellohotties


Fresno, CA

Hello there everyone, I'm here to find new friends.