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janeedwh1 - Oneonta - NY - Hellohotties


Oneonta, NY

I need a man that i can have faith and completely trust with all my heart on and he is someone who would be independent and true to himself..

javibaw49 - Oneonta - NY - Hellohotties


Oneonta, NY

I’ve definitely never been on a site like this but I’m Always down for anything especially if it’s exciting.

Angelald3 - Oneonta - NY - Hellohotties


Oneonta, NY

I am here for my life partner. Am single never married. If you are interested in me you can message me.

lexwe33 - Oneonta - NY - Hellohotties


Oneonta, NY

I have had a lot of time with the same woman and I’m not feeling any satisfaction right now I’m just going to try something new

kesleygrd99 - Oneonta - NY - Hellohotties


Oneonta, NY

I am interested in a serious relationship. I want to find a strong shoulder on which I can rely, a man who will love me as much as I do him.

pageh65 - Oneonta - NY - Hellohotties


Oneonta, NY

am single lady with no kids and am new on here and am ready ti settle down to find my best friend that will leads to something big.