FWB Dating: How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life

Firstly, what is FWB Dating?

FWB stands for friends with benefits. It’s when two people have sex regularly without dating each other. These people can already be friends or have met online and shared a physical attraction. There is an unwritten agreement between FWB singles that they have intimate sex with no relationship or romantic baggage.

FWB dating is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of having sex and enjoying yourself. It suits so many people who aren’t ready or don’t want to commit to a single person. And while the name FWB might suggest you need to be good friends with someone and know everything about them, the opposite can be true. Many people make friends with someone for a casual FWB relationship, which works perfectly for them.

There are two main ways of starting a casual FWB relationship. First, you may develop a physical attraction with someone you already know in person. Over time, if the feeling is mutual, this may develop into dating friends with benefits. Arguably the easiest way is to use an FWB dating site. FWBs are so popular that even mainstream dating sites and apps have several features to find someone for non-committal sex.

For example, HelloHotties.com is a free FWB dating site that matches local people for casual FWB hookups. Signup is quick and easy, and you’ll only need an email address to start matching with people in your area. Members are all men, women, and girls looking for FWB dating and fun and have detailed profiles showcasing their interests, preferences, and more.

When finding a match, one of the most important things you must have is mutual attraction. After that, you and your partner need to set out some ground rules and boundaries to help the relationship thrive.

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10 Core Friends with Benefits Rules You Must Obey!

Here are some rules to keep in mind to ensure a healthy, casual FWB relationship.

  • Avoid Intimacy - No cuddling, hugging, hand-holding or romantic gestures, which may complicate feelings and expectations.
  • Keep it in the bedroom – avoid traditional ‘dates’ such as dinner, drinks, and meeting with friends. Avoid sleepovers, too, as this can cement you both as a ‘couple.’
  • Safe sex – especially if one or both of you has multiple FWB partners, always use protection and safe sex. Sex should always have consent.
  • Experimentation – use FWBs to explore your wildest fantasies and keep your sex life exciting. Always have mutual consent when trying something new.
  • Be punctual – Agree on how often you both will meet for sex. Be specific with days and times and for how long. Don’t expect more or less than this.
  • Don’t stop dating – FWB means casual and non-committal. You should still date other people and explore your options.
  • Hygiene – Even though you aren’t dating, ensure you are groomed, showered, and presentable when meeting up.
  • Emotional connection – be honest if you’re falling in love with the other person and want more. Communicate your concerns.
  • Don’t be jealous – if your partner wants casual dating or has found someone else, accept this and move on.
  • Timeline – some FWB situations don’t last forever. Set yourself a period to figure out if you’re happy or what can be done to improve the relationship?

Casual dating vs. Friends with Benefits: The Pro’s and Con’s

Friendship is important to any relationship, and you do need to like your partner and enjoy spending time with them. This is the main difference between casual dating vs. friends with benefits. While many people become very good friends with their FWB partner, this may complicate things if the relationship does not ultimately work. Always set boundaries and clear expectations for the relationship.

For that reason, dating sites are a great way of finding people who want the same kind of casual FWB relationship as you. These people will have the same expectations as you do and are entering the relationship knowing what to expect. The most important thing to remember is that FWB dating is primarily about having fun. It needs to be exciting and feel worthwhile. You get to explore your wildest fantasies have electrifying sex with someone regularly.

You won’t have to worry about traditional relationship standards – ultimately, you’ll figure out what works for both of you. If the relationship feels forced or you’re becoming bored, this is a tell-tale sign you need to find someone new. Simply log back on to an FWB dating site and find a new partner who’s after the same things as you are.